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Welcome to the genealogy site for Mills, McLaughlin, Radloff, Ruth, and related families! I'm Cairril Mills. Much of the info on this site comes from the files of numerous generous relatives.

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If you benefit from this site, I'd really appreciate your help in keeping it going. All donations go towards web hosting, membership, vital records, photocopying, postage, etc. Donations in any amount are welcome. I really appreciate your help!

Thanks also to those who have supported my research with generous financial donations.

We have over 5,000 people in these files, with an emphasis on colonial American families and European royal lines, in addition to our direct lines of research. An asterisk (*) indicates a person in our direct line of ascent/descent.

Please if you have information which you would like to see posted here, or have corrections or questions. It's relatively easy for me to make ancestry charts, so if you'd like a chart showing from whom you're descended, just let me know.

Note: Because updating thousands of records online is an arduous task, it only happens once every few years. In the meantime, I continue to gather info for my personal files. For this and privacy reasons, my personal files contain much more information than what is posted. Please with any questions.


  • [2017] Exciting news! I have figured out how to export my notes for each person instead of just their vital statistics! Now you can find out where the name "Mills" came from, learn about our ancestor who was accused of being a witch, and much more! Just click the name of the person on their individual page and a new page will display with the notes.
  • [2016] I have uploaded
  • to their individual card and the notes will show up below. If you have changes, please the latest version of all the family groups. I have now completed my research into the Mills, McLaughlin, Radloff, Ruth, and connected lines. I can't get any further without the assistance of a professional. I will continue to update other lines in my files as I come across information. If you have any questions about anyone listed, or would like a copy of my files in another format, please contact me.
  • [2014] I have completed the transacription of an epic three-day interview session with the McLaughlins. The link is for family only. If you are of the McLaughlin line and would like to view this fabulous collection of family stories, please email me.
  • [2013] I have updated my personal files with 1940s census information. I have some more research to do before I upload these latest changes to the website.
  • John Seggerson's account of his family's experience of the 1918 flu pandemic is now in the History section [2013]
  • The photo gallery has been completely overhauled. It now includes hundreds of images, they are larger, and they reside on Facebook so you can leave comments and questions. Check it out! [2012]

Latest updates:
• The induction ceremony for Tony Mullane will take place over the weekend of 17 July! [2010]
• Major update to family groups: Extensive new information on Mills and McLaughlin lines using census records; biographical information for Sister Dolores Marie McLaughlin; updates to French and English royal lines [2010]
• Added signatures and headstones, Count Mullane photo to photo gallery [2010]
• Tony Mullane has been elected to the Cincinnati Reds' Hall of Fame! Read more about it here and here. [2009]
• Updates made to The Pilgrim Story [Feb 2008]
• Tony Mullane memorial appeal launched [Dec 2006]
• Updates to the Photo Gallery, all on the Mills side of the family, mostly of Elsie and Arnold Mills. See 1920s, 1930s, 1970s, and 1990s. [Dec 2006]
• An off-topic but fascinating historical tidbit about Viking shipwrights was added to the History section [Dec 2006]
• Updates to families including Conces, Mullane, Ruth, Wilder, White, Vassall, St John, and Granger [July 2005]
• Extensive updates have been made to European royal lines, particularly those earlier than the 12th century [July 2005]
• A new biography has been added to the History section. A sketch of the life of Colonial maverick William Vassall, it also includes information on Judith Vassall White, Susannah Fuller White Winslow, Edward Winslow, and the early power struggles within the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony churches. [July 2005]

Research interests
I'm particularly interested in hearing from folks with info on the Ruth, Mullane, Junke, Koselke, Pezkoski, Loucks, Messenger (pre-Andrew), Stiller, Schworm, and Radloff lines, and any additional information on William McLaughlin and Bridget Mallone McLaughlin in New Jersey (the first McLaughlin immigrants).

Previous updates

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