Metacom and "King Philip's War"

The treaty, and the goodwill, between the English and the Wampanoag lasted only one generation. During Metacom's reign as leader of the Wampanoag, Puritans had taken much of his territory. His people were given the choice to convert to Christianity or die. Wampanoag, citizens of a sovereign nation, were tried and condenmed under Puritan law.

Finally, the Native peoples decided to strike back. Metacom remembered those families which had acted honorably toward his father and sent them warnings so they could escape before their towns were burned (were the Winslows and Bradfords among these families?).

After several years of fighting, the Native people were overcome by English force. Metacom's wife and son were sold by Plymouth officials into slavery in Bermuda. This was the final blow to his spirit. Metacom was shot by a Native American mercenary. His head was on display in Plymouth for the next twenty years.

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