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History Articles

By Cairril Mills

Below are links to information I've written about different aspects of history. This is meant to give context for the experiences of our ancestors. Any opinions expressed within are my own. Please if you'd like information on my sources.

Stories of Henry and Jane (Mullane) McLaughlin's family
Excerpt from a letter by Judy (McLaughlin) Seggerson

The Flu Pandemic
Art McLaughlin > Judy Seggerson story
Same with video by John Seggerson

The Irish
A poem by Father (James) Edward Feeney

Count Mullane
Count Mullane's stats

History of Western Christianity from the 11th through 17th centuries

Protestants, Puritans, and Separatists: What does it all mean?

Pilgrim Marriage

The Pilgrim Story
- From Scrooby to Holland
- The Leyden Years
- The Crossing to America
- The First Year
- After the First Year

William Vassall: A Biographical Sketch
- Preface
- Family Life
- Establishing a Colonial Home
- Dissension Begins: The Scituate Church Division
- Dissent Grows: The Call for Greater Democracy
- Open Dissent: The Child Petition
- Last Stand
- Aftermath
- Sources

Viking Shipwrights and Ship-Building
Note: This snippet has nothing to do with our family history but was so fascinating I am taking the editorial liberty of including it here. :-)